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Our Philosophy; that of the Community

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Desler provides solutions based on technological advancement and innovation to meet the principles of sustainable development, through the participation of all social actors to build a fairer society, where the protection and preservation of the environment become a reality. To achieve this, we have a program of activities aimed at strengthening relationships with all stakeholder groups, contributing to sharing values and promoting greater understanding as a community.

This is part of our corporate responsibility, which includes activities such as:

School Sponsorship

Through APAER, Desler sponsors School No. 478 in the town of Quitilipi, Chaco province, with whom we are in constant contact to understand their needs. We have drilled wells to supply drinking water to the educational complex, art fairs have been held with the participation of our staff, and school supplies have been donated to students and teachers.

Comprehensive Battery Program

Together with the municipality of Bahía Blanca and the local supermarket network Cooperativa Obrera, we participate in the collection, classification, conditioning, and final disposal in the secure landfill of Ipes of batteries and batteries.

Management of Special Domestic Waste

Periodically, campaigns are carried out in Bahía Blanca where the local community brings special (hazardous) waste generated in their homes, such as expired medications, batteries, insecticide containers, metal cleaners, and out-of-use electronic equipment, among others, to be classified and sent for treatment and final disposal. For example, desktop computers have been recovered and later donated to public schools, a task carried out by a local NGO.

To learn more about our services, please contact us by clicking on the icon of your preferred method:

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Alternatively, you may contact us by phone:

Desler Administration
11 4867-5115

Desler plant
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Ipes plant
(0291) 456-1657

Ecopolo plant
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